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Electric Slug and Snail Fence Kit for Raised Beds

Electric Slug and Snail Fence Kit for Raised Beds


Welcome to electricslug.com. My name is Tom Mendenhall.

I recently retired after a 35 year career in electronics and computer consulting. My wife, Jane, teaches biology and zoology (including slugs and snails) at Humboldt State University.
We live in Bayside, a small community in Northern California, with our cats. The coastal rainforests in the Pacific Northwest are a natural habitat for banana slugs. Slugs and snails are one of nature's recyclers.

The raised bed in our front yard was a paradise for slugs and snails. We applied copper tape, but the slugs and snails continued to trespass into the raised bed and consume the native plants.
When searching the internet for a low cost alternative to chemicals we found many positive reviews of DIY constructed battery powered electric slug and snail fences.
Snail (Escargot) farmers have been using electricity for decades to contain snails inside an enclosure.
After we installed the fence we were amazed how well it worked and the long lifetime of the battery.

We thought other gardeners might want a simple and reliable electric fence so we decided to sell it as a kit.
The design of our electric fence is based on the KISS principle and we have successfuly tested them on many raised beds and wood planters.
Our fence kits include short circuit protection, solderless spring lever connectors, corrosion resistant stainless steel hardware, and a weatherproof battery case.
We now have many raised beds (vegetable and native plants), portable slug fences, and wine barrel planters protected by our electric fences. Maintenance mainly consists of recharging a 9 volt lithium-ion battery every few months.

Thank you for visiting our website,
Tom and Jane

Bayside, California USA

Last updated: December 25, 2020